Art Glass??

Art glass is my personal favourite!  It doesn't matter how many I see - and don't kid yourself there are millions of different forms from all over the world - I just love them all.  Unfortunately, I also love big dogs and although the dogs are more expensive to have...I love them more.  The two loves do not mix and the dogs always seem to win out!

However, if you don't mind dusting and you like colourful, creative pieces that will catch the light in any room of your house, Art glass is for you!  A perfectly placed piece can be a great conversation starter or the finishing touch to a room.

Typically art glass is made only for it`s beauty and creativity, although often can serve as a bowl or candy dish.  When people describe glass items as ``art glass`` then generally mean an object designed and created in the mid 19th century.

Today there are many creative glass objects made out of factories and mass produced.  But "art glass" pieces are often hand blown and come from some one's creative ideas.

We have 2 such pieces featured under our A-1 Collection.  Have a look!  Glass is always a great addition to any home.  (Well that is if.... you don't have large clumsy dogs!!!)

Art glass

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