Coin Banks and Collector Vehicles

When I was much younger, I worked in the Manufacturing Industry.  I was never a collector of replica vehicles but was surprised to learn that the main Manufacture I was working for had been producing a collector vehicle every year.  I was further surprised to learn that this was a wide spread practice.

Everyone loves to save money, although it is often difficult to do.  But now that our $1.00 bill and $2.00 bills are coins, those banks can fill right up!  Collector banks come in all shapes and sizes.  Whether you want a cute and cuddly way to collect your coins or a object that is closer to your collecting tastes, there is one out there.

Men are often hard to buy for but what man doesn't like cars, trucks,fire engines and money?  We are featuring a limited collection of money banks in the shapes of vehicles.  Check us out!  You could start the man in your life collecting and make special occasions easier to have that perfect gift for him!  If you have been collecting for some time already, you might just find the perfect fit for your collection!

Coin banks

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