Collector Plates

Collector plates were really big in the 1980's and 1990's.  My Mom had a gift store in the 1990's and you just couldn't keep them on the shelf.  Almost any sitcom or program you see, from those years and even now, you will see plates on the walls in the backdrop.

The wonderful characteristic about collector plates is their diversity.  Whether you are into Star Trek, Disney, Racing, Movie stars or Birds, Animals, or Cottages or just wonderful scenery there is a plate for you!  You can even have plates with sayings, religious, joyous, births, or inspirational.  No mater your collection, you can always find a plate to compliment your collecting preference.

The plates featured in our store are not used.  They are an old store inventory and come with their original certificates and their original shipping boxes.  We have a limited amount posted to date and will be posting more.  Everything from Bradford Exchange to Hamilton collection.  Only plates that were available in Canada.

Check out our "Nifty Gifts" collection or just use our "Plates" filter to have a look and see what is available.

Collector plates

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