Comix vs Comic

In reviewing the current inventory, I noticed there was a difference in the types of Comics being offered today!  Comic collecting appears to be ageless.  Although, I do not personally have the collecting "bug" , I can surely understand the attraction.  I came across a distinction between some of the comic books being offered on our site and thought I might share it with you. 

Did you know..... 

Comics books that feature the word "Comix" instead of "Comic" are quite different from the mainstream comics.  Comix are usually socially relevant or satirical and often do not adhere to the Comics Code Authority.  Therefore, they can discuss sexuality, violence and other unapproved forums in a much more detailed depiction.  Due to the fact, they were published by smaller companies or by individuals, you will see less of them or limited numbers in comparison to the "Comics" of yesterday and today!


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