Healthy Eating!

We carry a line of Kale Chips on our site that is locally made.  By local, I mean Ontario.  Ultimate Kale Chips brand is created by a family run Canadian business.  For those that are being smart and healthy, Ultimate Kale Chips are gluten free and vegan! 

I am a chocolate hound by nature, but every now and then I think I should do something good for my body - (LOL).  So I have a package of the Dill Pickle Ultimate Kale Chips (those are my favourite).  I like Kale in salads but when you get the munchies these are a wonderful alternative to plain old chips.  I searched a lot of sites looking for basic information to share about Kale in general and they all seem to agree with the excerpt below taken from 

`Kale is simply packed with nutrients and is considered to be one of the most nutritious of all foods. In addition to nutrition, it also contains compounds that can help with a variety of ailments. It is considered by many to be one of the best health foods available...`

We are working to expand our healthy food section, feel free to offer any suggestions, or products you might like to have available!


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