Murano Glass

Murano Glass is one of the wonderful collections in the world.  Although there are many "antique" Murano pieces you can still buy direct from the artists in Italy.  It is always important to look out for knock offs.  Unfortunately, with most Antiques they have passed through many generations and often do not still have labels and markings on them. 

Murano Glass pieces are generally identifiable as brilliant colours, with craftsmanship you can feel and appreciate.  Always hand made, so look for imperfections and pontif marks.  The whole distinction of Murano glass is that it is made by hand with certain techniques and only on the island of Murano or in Venice, Italy - never in CHINA or anywhere else.  If you are told the name of the artist - make sure it's of Venetian decent.

The piece we have featured in our store comes from a Gift store that closed years earlier.  Although it is not one of the older pieces, it isn't what you would call new.  There is no QR code as it was created before that time.


Murano glass

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