Do you ever say to yourself  - ``I think I have bitten off more than I can chew``.  Whomever said creating a web-store for multiple different vendors and products was going to be easy.... was just not thinking clearly or they were enjoying their Friday night wine a little too much!  

Building this site has been a steep learning experience.  I have to say working with Shopify as platform has been wonderful.  If you can navigate, they really have all the information you could ever want!

I am happy to announce we have gone live!!  Unitt`s Emporium is open for business!  I find I am excited and terrified.  It`s going to be my responsibility to fix all the problems when things just don`t quite work.  But it will be wonderful to watch people enjoy what we have to offer.

Always remember if you are looking for something specific, never be afraid to ask.  You just never know what we might have on tap or in the wings waiting to load up!

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