We are currently a small group of individuals that sell, make or produce products for individuals.  Separately, we all run business's of one form or another.  Collectively, we decided that it would be more fun to offer our businesses on one format.
After seeing so many small businesses close in the new world we all find ourselves in, we decided that individually it was becoming increasingly difficult to stay open.
So many small business's can not economically access all of the channels available to communicate with the public.  But collectively, we can combine all of our different skill sets to create a fun platform to reach as many people as possible.  Our goal is to bring a larger audience to what we have available in a structured format.
Our hope is to add more small businesses to our site as we grow. We wish to create an economical platform for small businesses to connect with a greater customer base.
Our products are either produced or sold by small town people.  Some are the actual creators or manufacturer's.  Other's have found a product they believe in and wish to distribute it to the public.
What makes our store different from others is that it is truly a group of small town business's and in some cases everyday individuals working together to help each other grow.  By working together to help each other prosper, we hope to save the small business's that otherwise would disappear.  In this climate of uncertainty, it is becoming even more important for individuals to work together and support
each other. 
We all believe in the importance of customer service and clairvoyance.  To that end we hope to achieve a Customer focused store that will be a fun, ever changing and an interesting place to shop.  Whatever you may be looking for, we may just have it.  We feature Antiques, gifts, comics and more!